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Welcome to The Portrait Calgary, where photography is a journey of self-discovery and expression.

Our studio is more than just a place to take pictures; it's a sanctuary where individuality thrives and stories come to life.

At The Portrait, we celebrate the unique beauty and captivating narratives that each person possesses.

Step into our self-portrait studio, and let us help you showcase your authenticity and essence through stunning self-portraits.

Whether you're a seasoned model or someone stepping in front of the camera for the first time, our team is here to make you feel comfortable and confident during your photography journey.

But that's not all - we're also the ultimate destination for spontaneous and joy-filled photo sessions! Our Life Four Cuts photo booths offer a fun and nostalgic experience, perfect for creating memories with your friends, family, or that special someone. With an array of props to choose from, or even the option to bring your own, laughter and happiness are guaranteed in every snapshot.

Located in downtown Calgary, near Victoria Park station, Stampede grounds, and cozy cafes, our studio is easily accessible to all.

No matter your age, skill level, or background, you're warmly invited to schedule a session in our selfie studio or drop by with your group to hop into our Life 4 Cut photo booths.

At The Portrait, we believe that professional photography should be both accessible and affordable. You deserve high-quality, captivating images without the hefty price tag. Whether you're looking to capture cherished family moments, celebrate engagements or graduations, or even create professional headshots, product releases, or catalogue images, our large and versatile selfie studio has you covered.

We're dedicated to empowering you to embrace your true self and capture the meaningful milestones of life through photography.

Let us be your go-to studio for capturing life's meaningful moments, without the traditional expenses of a professional photographer.

Join us in celebrating life, love, laughter, and everything in between, as we craft timeless images that will forever hold a special place in your heart.

The Portrait Calgary awaits, merging the art of photography with the essence of who you are.


From photobooth pictures, to professional photos, to visa photos - we've got it all!

No matter the photo need you have, The Portrait has it all! View our full list of services to see which fits your needs best.

Looking for past experiences? Visit our Instagram below or check out our trustworthy Google reviews!

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To stay updated on new studio packages, Life4Cut frames, and view photos from past sessions!
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